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Welcome to the South African home of top international fashion eyewear brands.

Dynamic Vision Optometrists is the longest running group of independent Optometrists in South Africa. We pride ourselves in the fact that all of our branches are owned and run by an independent Optometrist which ensures our clients get the best quality eye care available.

Our highly qualified staff will meet all of your visual needs, while making sure you look your best in our wide range of the top fashion eyewear brands from all over the world.

Protecting the longevity of your vision is what we do, and with that goal in sight, we make sure to fit you with the best optical lenses in the world that will suit your unique visual and lifestyle needs.
The end result is a pair of beautiful glasses that not only suit your looks, but also fit your unique lifestyle.
Your visual health and eyewear needs change all the time, to keep your vision at its very best we recommend you have an
eye test every year.
This will ensure that your eyes get the attention they deserve and with our unbeatable promotions you can keep up with the latest eyewear fashions.

Dynamic Vision Optometrists, We change the way the world sees you!


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